by Susannah Raulino 


Trailer for an improvised comedy series.

A behind the scenes look at a call center for America's newest hand held device. 

First episode - a company meeting for customer service reps, introducing Charlene as the new "kinder gentler" supervisor, and the methodology of "Discipline Without Punishment."   

2 min 30 sec (on Vimeo)                          

c 2011

A behind the scenes look at a call center for the newest handheld communications device.  This clip is of a hypochondriacal employee, at home.

2 min 15 sec (on YouTube)

more clips available                                     

c 2011

"L.A.M.P." was made in 1990 about Los Angeles Men's Place, a center for the homeless mentally ill in downtown Los Angeles. In this short film, the clients of L.A.M.P. tell their poignant personal stories. Molly, then the director of L.A.M.P., describes how their facility offers a different kind of support for the homeless mentally ill.

Documentary Short 11 min 21 sec (on Vimeo)                   c1990

Cat and Cake (writer, director)

A cat and a cake vie for identity in a species confection ambiguous world. 

54 seconds                                        

c 2002

“I Cake Up With You” (writer, director)

A man tries to break up with his girlfriend using baked goods. Pictured: Tom Booker and Topping Haggerty.

7 min 20 sec

c 2013

A customer service rep deals with a woman who’s phonetic spelling choices are not exactly Alpha, Bravo, Charlie.

2 min 16 sec

c 2014

I audition for the part of Fifi from “Fifi and Mr. Pickles” by Topping Haggerty.

2 min 14 sec (on Vimeo)                          

c 2013 Topping Haggerty

Audition - Fifi & Mr. Pickles (actor)