Short Stories


No way. She hasn’t gotten this… I don’t want to be shallow, but, hot.  Seriously.  Where did this person come from?  The Sherri I knew was mousy, self-deprecating, not even that, self-loathing.  This hot sexy woman seems to have consumed her, with what I can only assume was one hot bite, and that Sherri of yore is gone, gone, gone.

Damn.  I am seriously having to force my head to stay aimed at her face and the nodding periodically is becoming automatic, as my attention is focused on her half bare legs, strutting out, crossed over, arched to pounce or be pounced on in high high heels.  Damn.  I agree that Mr. Forman always seemed gay to me too, as I wonder what she is like in the sack now.  Is this in control masterful woman before me also a dynamo in the sack?  Good God, what is wrong with me?  This is Sherri.  Sweet little mousy… not any more.  Damn, this girl is fine, with a capital F. 

She caught me checking out the rack, I can’t say she’s displeased.  This night may take another turn yet.  Was I nice to her back then?  I review all my behaviors to exclude any revenge scenarios where I find myself hand cuffed to a bedpost tomorrow.  No, I was pretty nice to her.  Listened, with a lot more attention than I’m giving her now, included her in any broadly open activities I was privy to.  Yes, she has no reason to hate me.  Eventually I have to ask, “So, what’s been going on lately?  Marriage?  Love life?  Career? You seem so… together.  Things must be going well.”  I think I put that fairly well and covered the shock admirably.

“Yes,” she says, “since the incident, it’s all been, well, a picnic.”  I just don’t have the balls to ask, or maybe I don’t want to know. I’m a little relieved it wasn’t a Tony Robbins seminar (because then I would HAVE to sign up for one). I just leave it lie there, and order another drink.  She smiles and knows she has me in the palm of her hand.  I feel relieved to know I have no control over what happens next.

Copyright 2013 Susannah Raulino

Who’s That Lady? by Susannah Raulino